Monday, February 26, 2007


Shakeel the Blog Messenger...

Hi Connie,

We all are good and our class is going good. Thank you for your comments.

We hope you always send us an email . What about your work and study? Are you enjoying pizzas and cheese burger pizza? Good. Please add photos in this website. Do you remember these photos? Which you took last time when Kathy was not with us? Anyway we hope you‘ll soon adjust in Melbourne.

Best wishes to you.

From A M E P

(written by Shakeel)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Julianna's Friend Doing a Mosaic... She Does Them Too

Thursday, February 15, 2007


From Little Things Big Things Grow


Something about This Song and Alice Springs...

Alice Springs is situated within the electorate of Lingiari, which covers the entire Northern Territory except for Metropolitan Darwin. In the 2004 election there were 57,776 enrolled voters in Lingiari.

Vincent Lingiari is most famous for his participation in the Wave Hill Strike. The Wave Hill strike began on August 22, 1966, following the Wave Hill Station manager's rejection of a request by Vincent Lingiari for a weekly wage of $25 for Aboriginal stockmen.


Took The Children Away


Some Australian History

Indigenous children have been forcibly removed from their families and communities since the very first days of the European occupation of Australia.

In that time, not one Indigenous family has escaped the effects. Most families have been affected in one or more generations by the removal of one or more children. Nationally, the Inquiry concludes that between one in three and one in ten Indigenous children were forcibly removed from their families and communities between 1910 and 1970.

Something About Archie

Archie was born at Framlingham Aboriginal mission, located near Warrnambool in southwestern Victoria. At any early age, Archie was taken from his family, part of the stolen generation and spent quite some time in institutions before being fostered by a non-Indigenous family in Melbourne. Archie grew up and left home to find himself and his people. He spent many years on the streets of Melbourne and Adelaide searching for his identity and his place in the world. Archie met up with Ruby Hunter, his lifelong partner during this time and together they have made a home for their children and continue to make music together.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Message from Connie ...

Hello Kathy and everyone,

I have just seen some of your photos on the website and I must say that everyone looks absolutely GORGEOUS!!! What a fabulous idea Kathy!! I will definetly be tuning in to see whats happening in the Alice amep class room which I miss so very much.

Life in the big smoke is OK but no where near as magical as in Alice- don't know why but special stuff happened to me there all the time and i miss it lots. I'm going to start uni in 2 weeks and I've got a part time job in a take away pizza shop - they have far too many types of pizzas for me to remember! Even one called a cheeseburger pizza - thats just wrong..... and the slogan is" keeping pizza real ".

Ok thats it from me for the mo,

hope everyone is fine and learning lots and lots and having fun


Sunday, February 11, 2007



Welcome to our new site.

Here we can find some of the sites in the links on the left that we used last year.

If you have found some good ESL sites - let me know.
This site is for you so you can go on the internet at home
or in the library and study outside of the class as well.

The internet is a wonderful thing and we can all learn a lot from it.
Let me know what you think about this site.



The Machine is Us(ing) Us Video

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