Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Message from Connie ...

Hello Kathy and everyone,

I have just seen some of your photos on the website and I must say that everyone looks absolutely GORGEOUS!!! What a fabulous idea Kathy!! I will definetly be tuning in to see whats happening in the Alice amep class room which I miss so very much.

Life in the big smoke is OK but no where near as magical as in Alice- don't know why but special stuff happened to me there all the time and i miss it lots. I'm going to start uni in 2 weeks and I've got a part time job in a take away pizza shop - they have far too many types of pizzas for me to remember! Even one called a cheeseburger pizza - thats just wrong..... and the slogan is" keeping pizza real ".

Ok thats it from me for the mo,

hope everyone is fine and learning lots and lots and having fun


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